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Sponsor a Child

Our child sponsorship program offers a unique opportunity to walk alongside a child in the area we serve. We have two ways you can do this: supporting a child at one of six schools or supporting a child at the Village of Hope.

Six Partner Schools

Through a monthly gift of $38, you will provide your sponsored child with

  • the cost of tuition
  • a weekly meal of beans, rice, and fish
  • two pairs of shoes each year
  • a school uniform
  • schoolbooks
  • school supplies
  • medical help for any serious illness or injury
  • a daily nutritious snack (School of Hope only)

Village of Hope

Through a monthly gift of $49, $98, or $147 a month, you will provide your sponsored child with

  • high-quality, Christ-centered education on the Village of Hope campus
  • medical care
  • housing expenses
  • clothing
  • nutritious food
  • the everyday care of loving house mamas

Child sponsors develop meaningful relationships with their sponsored children, exchanging letters twice a year.

Join us in supporting first-generation learners in Haiti; sponsor a child today.