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Annual Report

Despite challenges we've faced, each year children and families continue to receive housing and food support during disasters, the gift of hope through education, a way out of the cycle of poverty through agriculture programs, a better quality of life through community health support and clean water projects, and more. 
Thanks to God, faithful supporters like YOU, and the relative isolation of the community we serve, our work has continued.
Download the annual reports below to see all that we accomplished throughout each fiscal year.

The 2022/23 fiscal year presented us with significant challenges, such as political and economic instability, disruptive armed gang violence in the capital city, and temporary disruptions to fuel, communications, and banking systems.

See Your 2022/23 Impact:

The 2021/22 fiscal year saw tremendous instability in Haiti: the assassination of a president, a devastating earthquake, and continued political and economic upheaval.

See Your 2021/22 Impact: