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Our Mission

The mission of New Life for Haiti is to minister to the needs of families and children in the Grand Anse River valley, sharing our love for Christ and His message, promoting self-sufficiency and hope for a sustainable future. Learn more.

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Our Stories

In a village tucked in the southern peninsula of Haiti is a family whose lives are struck by hardship.

But they’re not your average family. Or at least the picture of a family you may be familiar with . . .

Mikelda has an extraordinary story of how God rescued her.

Just like Moses, when Mikelda was a baby, her mother placed her in a basket and sent the basket floating down the Grand Anse River. Passersby found the baby in the basket and took her to a poorly run orphanage, far from the Village of Hope. Unfortunately these type of orphanages are the norm rather than the exception in Haiti . . .

Imagine if six hours of your day was spent thinking, “How do I get clean water to my family? Or any water, for that matter?”

This is the reality for many families in Haiti, especially in communities like Chameau . . .