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Ganaelle’s Story

Before the School of Hope, Ganaelle Darius didn’t know how she would attend school.  

Her mother and father struggled just to keep food on the table, and the closest school was across the Grand Anse River. When the weather was just right, Ganaelle and her siblings could wade through the river and get to school.  

But if the rains were heavy and the river rose, they couldn’t safely cross to reach class.  

With a rainy season from April to October, Ganaelle and her siblings didn’t make it to school very often.  

When the School of Hope opened in Rivye Mawo, everything changed for Ganaelle and her family.

Ganaelle shared, “The School of Hope changed my life because now I have a great education. And I don’t have to cross the river to go to school, even if there is rain . . . even if the river is high. I like attending school here because it is a beautiful school. I like the way the teachers teach us. I like the way the principal encourages us. And I like being with my friends at school.”  

Ganaelle is a first-generation learner. Her parents and her parents’ parents never finished high school. In fact, they were forced to drop out before they reached sixth grade.  

Now Ganaelle’s parents are learning to read. Each night, their children come home, eager to share what they’ve been learning at school. Ganaelle and her siblings’ education is not only transforming their lives but their whole family.  

Ganaelle’s mother shared, “The School of Hope changed my family’s life because we never thought we would have such a beautiful school. Before the school was built, our children had nowhere to go. New Life for Haiti pays for school, even for their uniforms. The teachers give the kids a great education. My dream for my kids is to finish school. Then when they finish school, they can be a doctor, a civil engineer, or whatever they want to be.”  

At New Life for Haiti, we’re committed to the next generation of leaders in Rivye Mawo, and you can be, too. 

Are you ready to begin sponsoring a child like Ganaelle today?