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The Beginning of New Life for Haiti

It began with a series of mission trips.

Our founder, Fran Leeman, had spent many years traveling to Haiti to serve in various ways.

He saw the immense challenges Haitians facefrom abject poverty and a lack of infrastructure to the lingering effects of colonialism and imperialism.

During one of these trips, God placed one community on Fran’s heart—a rural village called Marfranc, found along the Grand Anse River in Haiti’s southern peninsula.

The Grand Anse River valley is one of the most impoverished areas in Haiti. The unemployment rate is estimated to be 70 percent. Parents struggle to keep food on the table, let alone send their children to school.

Over 44 percent of communities lack access to clean water. And before we began collaborating with local leaders, only 2 percent of adults could read.

Instead of traveling around the country to meet immediate needs, he felt led to pick one place and make it better. This is where New Life for Haiti began.

Before any programs launched, our team spent three years building relationships with the communities we now serve. Taking the time to get to know local leaders and hear the needs of the people ensured we could empower the community with exactly what they need to thrive.

So far, our generous supporters have enabled us to 

  • build seven schools 
  • educate and train families and individuals in sustainable agriculture 
  • provide critical disaster resilience aid after natural disasters 
  • train teachers and pastors 
  • develop a robust child sponsorship program, serving over 340 children annually 
  • open an orphanage for vulnerable children 
  • provide clean water solutions to rural mountain villages 

Individuals in the area where New Life for Haiti works face countless challenges, but we can send a valuable message with your partnershipthey are seen, known, and deeply loved.  

Though our work is never a quick fix, it builds a more sustainable future.