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Mikelda’s Story

Mikelda has an extraordinary story of how God rescued her.

Just like Moses, when Mikelda was a baby, her mother put her in a basket to float away on the Grand Anse River. Passersby found the baby in the basket and took her to a poorly run orphanage, far from the Village of Hope. Unfortunately these type of orphanages are the norm rather than the exception in Haiti.

Mikelda’s world had shattered.

Suffering from abandonment, she was neglected, malnourished, and left to fend for herself most days under the “care” of an orphanage director who was abusive and eventually ended up in prison.

That’s when New Life for Haiti stepped in.

New Life for Haiti rescued Mikelda from this abuse, and she arrived at the Village of Hope in October 2019. Unable to read and having attended little school in her twelve years, Mikelda was immediately enrolled in the Village of Hope School, right on the Village of Hope campus.

There Mikelda received compassionate care, educational nurturing, and one-on-one attention from teachers who understand the value of individualized instruction. In one year, Mikelda learned to read, and at the end of 2019–2020 school year, she received her report card with an 86 percent average in all her classes! Mikelda has now caught up with her peers and is finishing seventh grade.

Because of folks like you who have come alongside children, the entire trajectory of Mikelda’s life changed.

But even more important than an education, Mikelda was given a place to heal and the family she never had. Through the compassionate care of loving mamas and the warmth of a family atmosphere, Mikelda has had a safe home to start a new chapter of her life.

Thanks to you, Mikelda’s childhood has been redeemed.

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